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FAQs and Troubleshooting
FAQs and Troubleshooting

Some of the most common questions asked by SnapWidget users

Why am I getting an error about off-Facebook activity being turned off?
Why am I not seeing my most recent photos displayed?
How do I filter the content displayed in my widget?
How do I add SnapWidget to the Firefox Facebook Container?
How do I determine if I've got a Business or Personal Instagram account?
Why am I seeing a message saying this endpoint has been retired?
Why am I not seeing comments and likes in my widget?
Why am I seeing a message on my dashboard that my widget requires re-auth?
How do I re-auth my widget?
How do I convert a personal Instagram profile to a business profile?
Why am I seeing someone else's photos in my widget?
Will my photos automatically update in the widget when I post them to Instagram?
Why is my LightWidget Instagram widget not working on https?
Why did my Websta Instagram widget stop working?
Why are my photos going to SnapWidget and not Instagram when clicked?
Where can I find my widget code snippet?
How does GDPR affect SnapWidget?
Why is my widget displaying a message that it needs to be upgraded?
Nothing happens when I click on the username field in the widget setup
Why am I seeing an ad displayed in my widget?
What is the difference between free and pro widgets?
Can I use SnapWidget on a responsive website?
Can I use the widget with https?
Why am I getting a message saying my widget needs to be updated / re-authed?
Why is my Instagram widget is not updating with new photos?
Can I display Instagram photos for a specific hashtag?
Why does Wordpress display a link instead of the widget?
Can I display Instagram photos for another user?
I uploaded a new photo but it's not showing in the widget, why not?
Will the Basic Widget continue to be free?
My Instagram account is public, so why aren't my photos showing up?
Do I need to generate a new widget every time I add a new photo?
Is there an alternative to GrahamSnaps?