When creating a new Instagram widget, or re-authing an existing one, you will need to know if your account is a personal one, or a business one. Depending on your type of account, you will either need to sign in with Instagram when creating your widget, or sign in with Facebook and grant SnapWidget access to the Facebook page for your account.

To determine what account you have, open the Instagram app on your phone, and navigate to your profile.

Then open the profile menu by clicking on the menu button in the top right.

In the profile menu, select the Settings option to view your account settings.

In the settings page, if you see an option for Business it means your account is a business account and you can follow the option to log in with Facebook when creating your Instagram widget on SnapWidget.

If you do not see the Business option in your profile settings, you should use the personal account option and sign in with your Instagram account when creating your widget.

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