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How do I add SnapWidget to the Firefox Facebook Container?
How do I add SnapWidget to the Firefox Facebook Container?

Find out how to add and allow a site in the Firefox Facebook Container extension πŸ”“

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Note: The Facebook Container extension is enabled by default in newer versions of the Firefox browser.

If you're using Firefox with the Facebook Container extension enabled, you will not be able to authorize new widgets because the extension will block the Facebook and Instagram log in URL's from being opened by SnapWidget.

Luckily it's very easy to add SnapWidget as an allowed site to the extension so you can authorize your widgets:

1. Navigate to

2. Click on the Facebook Container extension button in the toolbar of the browser (top right).

3. Select the "Allow Site in Facebook Container" option

4. Select the "Allow" option

5. The SnapWidget site will reload and you will see that it is now added to the Facebook Container extensions list of allowed sites.

You can now continue to create your new widget or authorize existing widgets.

Need help getting your widget created or authorized? Let us know!

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