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Why am I not seeing my most recent photos displayed?
Why am I not seeing my most recent photos displayed?

Find out why you might not see the latest photos being displayed in your widget

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If you are not seeing your most recent photos and videos displayed in your widget it could mean that your access token for Instagram, Facebook or Twitter has expired and needs to be refreshed.

It should not happen often but when it does, you will receive a notification email in your inbox. Please check your spam folder if you did not receive one.

To refresh your token, follow these steps:

  1. Log in to your SnapWidget account:

  2. Select the widget from your dashboard that you would like to refresh the token for

  3. Click on the username field in the widget settings page

  4. For Personal Instagram Accounts, Click on the "Sign in with Instagram" button. For Instagram Business Accounts, Click on the "Sign in with Facebook" button and select the Instagram account you would like to link after granting SnapWidget access.

  5. Click on the "Update & Get Widget" button to save the widget.

All your widgets using that Instagram, Twitter or Facebook account will now work correctly again. You don't have to update the code snippet on your site.

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