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Why am I seeing an ad displayed in my widget?
Why am I seeing an ad displayed in my widget?

Find out why your widget could display an ad when you've prevented the widget from being clicked on

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Note: This will only happen when the widget detects that an element is blocking the clicks on the photos. This will not happen if the widget is embedded normally. We will never display ads in any widget if the widget is being used fairly and as intended.

Recently we've seen some users place HTML elements, or other click blocking techniques over their FREE widgets to prevent the photos from being clicked on.ย 

This prevents anyone from clicking through to the photos on our site and also breaks the widget on some browsers including Safari. We use those pages to generate a small ad revenue that allows us to continue offering the free service to our users.ย 

Please consider one of the following options to help us continue supporting the free widgets:

  1. Remove the link overlay so visitors will click through to our page to view a larger version of your beautiful photos

  2. Add a small text link back to SnapWidget on your website referring your visitors to SnapWidget

  3. Upgrade to the Lite plan that will allow you to have your photos be unclickable, or even open in a lightbox so your visitors can stay on your site and still view your photos.

In the meantime, the widget might display an ad in place of one of your photos while it detects the element covering the widget.

Need help with any of these options? Let us know ๐Ÿ˜€

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