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How do I create a widget to display Facebook photos?
How do I create a widget to display Facebook photos?
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Creating a widget to display your Facebook photos is just as easy as creating a widget for Instagram or Twitter. You’ll be able to create a grid, board, scrolling or slideshow widget to showcase your content.

After logging in to your account, you can view all available Facebook widgets here. Once you’ve decided which type of widget you want to create, you will need to configure the options.

1. Click on the Username field to log in with your Facebook account and authorise SnapWidget to retrieve your photos.

2. Once you’ve given SnapWidget permission to access your Facebook photos, you can choose a source to display photos from. You can choose between displaying photos from a personal Album, a Facebook Page or a Facebook Page Album.

3. To display photos for an album, select the Album source, and then choose the album from the list (or leave blank to display all photos you are tagged in)

4. Configure the rest of the options and click on the Preview button to see what your widget will look like.

5. When you’re happy with your widget layout, click on the Get Widget button to get the code snippet you will need to put in your website to display your photos.

6. If you are a Pro user you can configure Advanced Settings to choose where the widgets will link when clicked, custom CSS, analytics, and lightbox displaying options.

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