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How do I use custom CSS to style my widget?
How do I use custom CSS to style my widget?
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If you're a Lite or Pro Widget user you can now use your own custom CSS to style your widget.

To add your own custom CSS, go to the widget configuration screen for your widget, under Advanced Settings you will find the Custom CSS option. Here you need to specify the URL to the custom CSS file you would like to use in the widget. The CSS file needs to be publicly accessible in order for the widget to load it. A Dropbox public share or your own web server are good options for hosting your custom CSS. You will also need to make sure that the file is served over https. Dropbox links are served over https. Just be sure to update the Dropbox URL to include the dl. domain and add the ?raw=1 parameter so the file is served as raw CSS. For example, this URL: should be changed like this: Note the changed dl. domain and added param.
Once you've specified the custom css file, click Preview or Get Widget to update your widget with the latest changes. The widget will now load the css you specified.

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