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How can I use Send For Auth to create a widget for another user?
How can I use Send For Auth to create a widget for another user?
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Need to create a widget for your client or another user without asking them to share their username and password?

We recently added a new feature to all our Pro widgets that allow you to send a widget for authorization. You will now be able to create a widget, then send your client a link where they will be able to log in using their own Instagram account and authorize that widget. The widget will then display photos for that Instagram account.

This means developers now have an easy and safe way of creating widgets for their clients.

To get started, make sure you are signed up for a Lite, Pro or Developer plan, then create a new Pro Instagram widget.

You can preview the widget with your own account, or send it for authorization immediately. To send for authorization, select the share button next to the username field.

This is the link you will need to share with your client. You can copy the link or click the Send Email button to open your default mail client with the link.

Once your client receives the link, they will need to open it and log in with their own Instagram account.

After logging in they will need to grant SnapWidget access to use their account for the widget.

That’s it! The widget is now authorized to use their Instagram account to display photos. The authorization is only valid for that 1 widget.

You will receive an email notification once the client has performed the authorization so you can go back and edit / embed the widget.

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