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How do I create an Instagram hashtag widget?
How do I create an Instagram hashtag widget?

Find out how you can use a Hashtag Campaign to display photos for a specific hashtag πŸŽ‰

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Update: It's now possible to display photos from public Instagram accounts for a specific hashtag using filtering options.

Displaying photos from Instagram for a specific hashtag is possible using SnapWidget's Hashtag Campaign feature. Tagged photos from people that have joined your campaign will be displayed in your widget.

Note: This feature is available to all Pro and Developer plan subscribers. Photos from other people will only show up for your hashtag once they have joined your campaign via your campaign URL.

Creating a Hashtag Campaign

To create a hashtag campaign, select the Campaigns option from the menu

On the Campaigns page, click on the Create Your First Campaign button.

On the Campaign setup page, choose the Service (we only support Instagram at the moment), choose a Campaign Name and enter a Campaign Description. These will show on the campaign's joining page, so make sure they clearly indicate what people should do to join your campaign.Β 

Note: A campaign does not have to be a contest. You can use it to showcase your business by letting people tag photos of themselves using your products.

Click Create Campaign to create the campaign and get the URL to share. This URL will allow other people to join your campaign. You can share this URL using the Facebook, Twitter and Google+ buttons on the popup, or you can add a link to the campaign on your website so your visitors can easily join your campaign.

When a user visits your unique campaign URL, they will be able to join your campaign and link their Instagram account. Once a user has joined your campaign and linked their Instagram account, any photo they post with your selected hashtag will show up in your widget.Β 

See below to find out how to setup a widget to use this campaign.

Configuring a widget to use a Hashtag Campaign

You can now create a new widget (or edit an existing one) to show the photos from this campaign.

For this example, we'll create a new Instagram Grid widget. On your Dashboard click on the Create A New Widget button and select the Pro Instagram Grid widget.

On the widget setup page, choose the Hashtag Campaign you would like to use and enter a description for the widget. This helps you to identify it easily on your dashboard if you need to edit it later. You can also set the Thumbnail Size, Layout and other options.

For campaign widgets, enabling the Prev/Next Controls option under the Advanced Settings tab is a good idea. This allows your visitors to easily navigate to older photos in your campaign.

You can now click Preview to see what your widget will look like and click Get Widget when you want to save your widget and the code snippet you need to add to your website.

To add the widget to your website, follow one of our tutorials available here.

You can now share your campaign URL so your visitors can enter your campaign and start tagging their photos to show in your widget.

To see who's joined your campaign, go to the Campaigns page and select the campaign. On the Participants tab you will see a list of everyone that is part of the campaign as well as their Instagram username.

You can also Remove participants from the campaign. When you remove a participant their photos will no longer be displayed in your widget.

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