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Installing SnapWidget on your website
How do I add an Instagram widget to Cratejoy?
How do I add an Instagram widget to Cratejoy?
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Adding your Instagram, Facebook or Twitter widget to Cratejoy is easy. Follow these steps to create your widget:

Once you've created your widget, follow the steps below to add it to your website.

Next, open up your Cratejoy store, going into Design > Code, and then the Edit Live Store of the theme you wish to add your feed too.

The next step will vary a bit depending on where you want to add the feed, but the most common place would be your homepage. For this, we will open up the 'base.html' page, and paste in our code in the appropriate place where you would like the widget to display.

Here we chose to create a container for it, and then pasted the code we copied from SnapWidget in there.

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